I am grateful. 

And today seems like a perfect opportunity to express it.

Yes I feel utmost grateful and it’s not because someone made me realize it or I was forced to admit it.

It just came naturally!

Funny, how just staring at nothing in particular my mind seemed to focus on something green. My eyes head to that direction and all of a sudden the same old tree I probably wouldn’t even have stared at for longer that a couple of minutes felt every bit beautiful,  greener and alive. Not just the tree but the sunlight that hit it amused me, it’s shimmer was every bit as beautiful.

One thing got instantly clear in that moment.

It was the first time probably in the longest of time, I’d appreciated the presence of something. I felt grateful and lucky to content that I was able to perceive this beauty due to the eyes I had. I felt grateful to be born in a place where I got all the facilities even though I never valued their presence. I was grateful to have been born in a family that gave me equal privileges, that I took so much granted for at times. I was grateful to have a proper formal education, that I know so many fail to receive.

How obnoxious are we in our daily hustles that we don’t bother to spare a glance at the things around us?

How many times have you appreciated and felt lucky to have been fine in health? Or appreciated the fact that someone had planted beautiful flowers in the sidewalk pavement? or even have access to the basic of facilities like the internet?

Is it when something is taken away from us, the time when we suddenly start to valuing its presence?

You need to make the most of the time you have. Of course, we have to go on with our routine in life, but there’s a different joy to sit back, forget everything for a while and notice the extra blue tint in the sky or the pink in the green bush that would be a flower, or notice the hardwork and efforts people take around you.
You might go ahead and appreciate the person. Not because you wish to flatter them, but because you value their presence.

Someone or something out there is trying to make the world a better place. Try to help or join them and inspire someone to be like them and in turn like you.
It’s all about perception. Try and you’ll surely find something beautiful in the most trivial things around. You’ll surely feel grateful. You’ll appreciate the life around you, most importantly you’d be the one who noticed it when no one did. You’d be the person who was lucky to have made someone, something feel they are worthy.






*Apologies for the big break I’d taken from blogging.