I’m in college. So it’s no big surprise that I have my exams each semester every six months.

But the sad part is I have to procrastinate what I intend to do weeks ago- to put up a post. You wouldn’t believe if I told you all there are 23 posts saved in my draft, calling out to me to, for once, to hit the ‘publish’ but my mind, each time, would say not now, not until it’s ready and perfect.

Each morning, I count the days for my exams to end, just like a child who longingly awaits the day of Christmas. Every morning I get up with the conviction that I might spend a few minutes finishing up a post, that I might for once publish something after so long. Each time I go to sleep feeling like a martyr who couldn’t accomplish the battle against my will.

The truth is, right now, even as I type this, I think for words, get stuck up and erase the line and keep feeling that I should’ve never let go of this. Although this post somehow compensates for the heavy blanket I feel on me these days for not writing, do take it as an apology and I promise to deliver those 23 posts the minute my exams are done.

Hope you have a nice day!



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  1. bursh1 says:

    Cool, I love this post😇

    Liked by 1 person

      1. bursh1 says:

        You’re welcome


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