Treating Acne like a PRO. 

Incase you wondered if I jumped on to write a beauty blog, I’d like to clear off by letting you know this blog still lies in the greater interest to give you some tips on life and to turn away from the potholes I encountered on the same way. 

Acne has given me a hell of a trouble! After trying many techniques at defying it, clear skin would still be that hard summit to achieve for me. Everything I tried had me feeling that for once I might wake up to see a beautiful skin without any spots, marks or acne. The miracle never seemed to happen. From herbal to chemical and even Ayurvedic non toxic medicinal products got their chance to prove themselves, yet sadly they’ve all failed.


Finally I decided to put my feet down, stop believing that I was the best person to treat this, understand that dermatology was not my majors and went out to seek help. 

I would rather spare you the entire 1 hour long conversation and head straight to conclusion,

  • You’d (okay, I have to include myself. We’d) been fools trying to correct something from the outside when sadly the fault had been on the inside of us. Most who suffer from acne have digestive issues. In science terms there’s more acid produced in our body that doesn’t allow the nutrition of the food to meet to our requirements. Find out ways to counter act acidity, you’ll find loads of home remedies online and quite a lot of them work. You can check some ways here at wikiHow.
  • Also never stay empty stomach always keep a granola bar or anything light handy. Fruits work well too. 


  • I know life’s rough and I know we’re busy robots overloaded with work in this world but YOU NEED TO HAVE YOUR LUNCH AND DINNER ON TIME. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Skipping it is an even bigger sin! Set an alarm, clear off your time ‘cuz lunch is your priority and so is your dinner. Weird eating timings just for your convenience disturbs your body clock. It would produces the acid required to digest food as always and imagine if you were to skip lunch at that time? Definitely not good.
  • Now a tough one, but none the less the most accurate way. Quit all non-vegetarian food for 3 weeks and observe. Yes it was tough, yes I was jealous when the table was all set with my favorite dishes but I resisted and within a week itself I couldn’t believe my eyes. My skin had never been this clearer in a decade! Now after a solid one and half month of resisting I do eat my favorites proteins occasionally. Yes there does come a small bump on my cheek, but atleast now I know better how to balance stuff. 
  • Try to get rid off dandruff if you have it. Small flakes contain bacteria that stick to your face and can cause acne from the outside. I would suggest to treat it with home remedies. You can find them here-  Rather than going the chemical way. Curd, tea tree oil and lemon methods on your scalp, it work the best. Do make sure it suits you first before trying. You can find some more remedies here.
  • Check your skin. Wash your face first thing early morning and do nothing on it, leave it as it is. Slowly if after a few hours you find a layer of oil saturate your skin making you look dull, you definitely have an oily skin. For oily skin one needs to wash their face with a good oil clearing facewash 3-4 times a day. Also keep your face as dry as possible. For the normal and dry skin type washing your face a regular 2-3 times would suffice. 


  • Never go for a scrub with acne skin. It would end up doing more damage and would be the exact opposite of healing your pores. 
  • Not to forget, water is essential. Water is life. Water is everything. So, always keep a bottle handy wherever you go. And make sure you drink more than enough water, nine glasses a day if that’s to be true. I’ve faced problems such that I had no problem drinking even ten glasses of water a day however I never remembered to hydrate myself at the right time. My alarms are already full of wake ups and I was in search of motivation. So here’s what I got ! Water Drink Reminder App on PlayStore!!!
  • Although trivial do pay attention. you must keep your hair towel and comb absolutely clean. Wash it every week. And if possible switch to a wooden comb. It’s helpful in treating hair fall too.
  • Do not steam. Period. Unless you’re at the salon for some facial or anything.
  • Masks. Try on some herbal masks and trust me it does wonders to your skin. I did try the aloevera mask once and it was really helpful in brightening up my skin and getting rid of those tiny pores that just wouldn’t go away. However it is a matter of patience, hence it’s only for those who can sit steady put for a good amount of time. Also a mud mask was quite efficient in removing the marks that were usually left behind by the acne or pimples. 


Acne isn’t something that defines you as not-beautiful or ugly, it’s just another human facet and is completely normal. So learn to deal with it and act now, fight it off immediately because the longer you take the more it’ll stay. 


I’d also like to hear what you have to say on how you beat acne successfully. Do share your story or any tips you found useful down below and feel free to turn my comment section into a forum so that others might get some benefit from it and in turn get your doubts solved. 











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  1. Hi! I read a few different posts. I like that your blog looks very professional, the pictures you use describe well the theme you are talking about and the posts are easy to read.

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    1. Thank you very much! Appreciate your efforts to go through my content..


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