I am grateful. 

And today seems like a perfect opportunity to express it. Yes I feel utmost grateful and it’s not because someone made me realize it or I was forced to admit it. It just came naturally! Funny, how just staring at nothing in particular my mind seemed to focus on something green. My eyes head to…

Treating Acne like a PRO. 

Some tips you can learn from this honest review if acne has been that sticky friend that just hasn’t let go of you since long.

Some books forgotten in a corner… 

Something seemed off and I was sure of it. The pile of books in my cupboard seemed oddly short. This wasn’t usual. Normally when I’d open the doors all books would just tumble down and land at my feet. They could hate me all they’d want for the way I treated them but they were…

It’s Gone! 

Everything’s temporary in this sad, sad world. Wordpress made me believe that too.

Lost something. 

There comes a time when we all lose something we can’t replace.